Registered Massage Therapists of Toronto Provide Treatment for Common Symptoms Associated with Stress

Understanding stress
The body undergoes several stages when it encounters a stressful situation. These stages are the body's way of preparing itself for action. Several hormones are released that tap the body's energy reserves and concentrates its attention, readying it for action.
The body adjusts itself depending on the length of exposure to stress. If the stressful situation is quickly remedied the body returns to a normal, relaxed state of being. If the stressful situation is extended then the body adapts and starts to function on ‘high alert' all the time and begins to view this as the normal state. Many health problems can occur from the exposure to repeated and prolonged stress. Steps should be taken to relax the body back into resuming its normal state of being in order to maintain optimal performance.
There are different types of stress;
  • Short-term stress, known as acute stress, is the most common as it applies to situations that happen every day in short durations.
  • Long-term stress, known as chronic stress, is the kind that is endured when a person is in a situation that seems omnipresent and goes on for an extended period of time without relief.
  • Good stress is known as eustress and is the type that is experienced while entertained, excited or in pleasurable situations.
And some important facts;
  • Stress is a leading contributor to most illnesses and can cause premature aging.
  • Everyone encounters stress but the way it influences their behavior is unique to each person.
  • Each person has the power to prevent much stress as well as to regulate the effect that stress has on their lives.
  • People that effectively cope with stress are more likely to be healthy, productive and less prone to accidents.
  • The amount of stress that a person endures is not relative to the impact that it has, meaning that even small amounts of stress can be harmful.
  • Stress is manageable and the healthiest people are the ones that manage it on a regular basis.
Strategies for coping with stress
Long-term exposure to stress is often referred to as ‘stress exhaustion' and can cause some serious conditions like high blood pressure, ulcers, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic migraines, depression and even eating disorders if left unhandled.
An excellent method of treatment that addresses many of these common symptoms is massage therapy. Immune function and toxin removal is increased, as well as flexibility and range of motion. Stress specific ailments like hypertension are aided by decreased blood pressure and decreased levels of hormones such as cortisol.
A registered massage therapist is qualified to assess and treat the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and other connective tissues in the body to address specific conditions as well as the overall betterment of both physical and emotional health. Registered massage therapists will also provide tips and techniques to get the most out of therapy as well as offering remedial stretches and exercises to perform between sessions in order to increase the benefits of treatment.
Many people who seek stress relief from registered massage therapists look for a clinic that offers Integrative Therapy which is a combination of differently techniques such as traditional massage, hot stone massage, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, and shen. This approach to healing is extremely comprehensive; holistically designed to reverse the harmful effects of stress.
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